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Director: Taneli Mustonen

Writers: Gavin Mehrtens, Ashley Holberry

Production Companies: Tea Shop Productions, Cowboy Cosmonaut

Cast: Athena Strates, Andonis Anthony, Madalena Aragao, Elisha Applebaum, Mohammed Mansaray

Status: Post-Production


Kyle (Athena Strates) is a shadow of her former self. Struggling to overcome the death of her older sister Jamie, and racked by guilt for not being able to save her when they are caught up in an attempted robbery that goes horribly wrong, she retreats into herself, cuts off from her friends and puts her life on pause...

A year later and her college friends have persuaded Kyle back into the world: on a Spring Break vacation and to scatter Jamie’s ashes on a trip through the Deep South of the USA. It’s probably never a good idea to charter an off-book, ageing sea plane, flown by a hungover, grizzled pilot, from a rundown airfield. And that’s just where the trouble begins...


When the plane hits turbulence over the wilderness of Louisiana’s infamous Bayou – 375 miles of water-logged, mosquito-infested, uncharted swampland – it soon plummets into the abyss. And what goes into the Bayou, doesn’t tend to come out...


No one knows the terrified survivors are there. They have no radio, no signal and no one is coming to find them. At least now pilot Frank has sobered up and can pull the fraying group together in an attempt to reach safety. But the Bayou’s most notorious residents have other ideas. A pack of primordial, highly evolved apex predators, American Alligators, perfectly at home in their native habitat, have zeroed in on Kyle and the survivors. Up to 15 feet in length and weighing up to 500 pounds these prehistoric beasts are capable of 30 km/hour speeds – a prime killing machine 150 million years in the making. And these gators are living in an environment contaminated by illegal chemicals pumped into the water-system – they’re bigger, smarter, faster, meaner, and hell-bent on devouring anything that stumbles into their territory...

The Bayou is a thrilling, no-holds barred, white knuckle ride, with a whole heap of tricks up its sleeve. An ingeniously fresh take on the survival genre and a movie to keep today’s audiences wholly immersed and on the edge of their seats.

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