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Director: Perry Blackshear

Writer: Les Bohem

Producer: Tracey Nyberg

Cast: Jenny Slate

Status: Pre-Production


Haven’t you ever wanted to just – stop? Turn off all the noise, zone out and focus in on your inner self?

Now, with ‘Mindful’, the addictive new meditation app sweeping the world, you can. Get comfortable, switch off, close your eyes...and say the words.

Life in California should be just about perfect for Angela (Jenny Slate) and her husband Todd. Every convenience is readily available, and every aspect of their lives is enhanced by the wonders of technology. But when Todd suddenly dies in the middle of a meditation session on ‘Mindful’, Angela’s past traumas and deep suspicion of this new craze lead her to question the app’s design and influence. Angela soon uncovers the malevolent force that lies behind it: a demonic, ravenous entity, fused seamlessly with the technology and hungry for the souls of the living. And as the cult of ‘Mindful’ spreads like wildfire among those she loves, threatening their lives, Angela must walk straight into the flames – the most terrifying out-of-body experience of all – to face demons from both within and without, knowing there may be no way to get home.

Mindful expertly plays on our contemporary fears about the extreme dangers of the connected world and instead urges us to wake up and invest in the real relationships around us, with the people we love. Horror maestro Perry Blackshear takes audiences on a terrifying descent into hell, journeying into the supernatural and leaving simple, stark terror burnt into our retinas...

Switch on, close your eyes and say the words...

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