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Showrunners: Greg Tillman & Tim Walsh

Production Company: Stick Figure Productions

Status: Pre-Production


Who Killed The Duke unravels the most bizarre detective story you’ve never heard.

In 1976, Hollywood Private Investigator Robert Duke Hall is murdered in his Burbank home. At the scene, police uncover three hundred audio tapes of illegally recorded telephone conversations Hall secretly made to blackmail his clients, including Hollywood movie stars, crooked cops, and reclusive philanthropist Howard Hughes. Everyone is a suspect in Hall’s murder. Because everyone wanted him dead.

After an exhaustive investigation, police discover that Hall and his oddball associates – a pornographer, a stuntman, and a dirty cop – are at the centre of a Top Secret government plot to kidnap a millionaire fugitive with strong ties to the Nixon Administration, hiding in Costa Rica. But the plot went sideways.

And so did everything else.

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