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Writer-Director: Martha Stephens

Production Company: Alloy Entertainment

Cast: Mckenna Grace, Asher Angel

Status: Pre-Production


Molly (Mckenna Grace) is a facing one long, hot summer back home at Star Lake: with Patrick, whose heart she broke and the boy she broke it for...his brother Gabe (Asher Angel).

And it’s all because her Mom – lonely, self-absorbed Chic-Lit writer Diana – has spilled her entire love life to the whole world in the plot of her new book... What should be 99 lazy days of lake swimming and fireside parties on the shore, has turned into the most excruciating summer of Molly’s life!

Shamed by the mean girls, blanked by Patrick and wrestling with her guilt: Molly hopes to bury her head in the sand until it’s time to go to college. So she throws herself into her summer job – renovating the old White Lodge: a fading lakeside hotel, in need of a reset and a lot of love. Just like Molly... But she can’t hide from her heart. Torn between the dark and stormy Patrick, and the bright and sunny Gabe, Molly’s head’s in a spin. She must confront the past and unpick her mistakes – learn to forgive herself, and to love again...“emotional maturity. I wonder what that’d look like on me?”

Adapted from Katie Cotugno’s New York Times bestselling novel, 99 Days is one sweaty, sultry summer of a movie – full of teen passion, yearning romance, two smoking hot brothers and, in Molly, a witty, loveable mess that audiences will fall head over heels for!

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